Tips for EMDR Therapy Online

How to set up your space and help your clients with the set up for online EMDR therapy. How to do Dual Attention Bilateral Stimulation online.

EMDR Institute Basic Training Consultation

Ten hours of consultation are required as part of your EMDR Basic Training. It is recommended that you get five hours of consultation before your second weekend and five hours post weekend two. These five hours are split into 3 meetings of 90 to 120 minutes.

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Meetings are once per month to provide guidance on the application of EMDR therapy in your practice setting. See the consultation agreement below. The group series covering 5 hours is $350

Consultation as part of San Diego EMDR Institute Regional Training

Ten hours of consultation are included in the Regional Training. Click on Training page for more information on my San Diego Regional EMDR trainings.

EMDR Basic Training Consultation Participant's Agreement

Download the PDF, sign and return or complete the form on-line

2022-2023 EMDR BT Consultation Agreement

Clinician Feedback

EMDR Clinician Progress and Feedback Form

I'd love to know more about your experience with EMDR through the years. Please check back in on your training completion anniversary or anytime to let me know how your practice evolves and if you want referrals. Click here to complete the Clinician Progress and Feedback form

Clinician Progress and Feedback form on-line